Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime it is in your best interest to obtain legal advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The police and the prosecuting attorney are working together to try and obtain a conviction. You need a criminal defense attorney dedicated to fighting and winning your case. Scott Simpson has extensive experience representing clients charged with felonies, misdemeanors and municipal violations.

In Missouri, a felony is the most serious category of crime a person can be charged with. Felonies are divided into subcategories with an E felony being the least severe and A felonies are the most severe. Here is the range of punishment for the different felony subcategories:

Class A felony, a term of years not less than ten years and not to exceed thirty years, or life imprisonment.
Class B felony, a term of years not less than five years and not to exceed fifteen years.
Class C felony, a term of years not less than three years and not to exceed ten years.
Class D felony, a term of years not to exceed seven years.
Class E felony, a term of years not to exceed four years.

Criminal charges that are serious but don’t rise to the level of a felony are known as misdemeanors. Missouri has five different misdemeanor subcategories. The least serious is known as an unclassified misdemeanor and the most serious is known as an A misdemeanor. The range of punishment for each subcategory is as follows:

Class A Misdemeanor – up to one year in prison; a fine not to exceed two thousand dollars.
Class B Misdemeanor – up to six months in prison; a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars.
Class C Misdemeanor – up to fifteen days in prison; a fine not to exceed seven hundred dollars.
Class D Misdemeanor – a fine not to exceed five hundred dollars.
Unclassified Misdemeanor – found in applicable Missouri statute.

Municipal violations are generally brought against people for traffic violations, housing and building code violations. However, it is possible to be charged in municipal court for allegations of stealing, marijuana possession, DWI and assault, to name a few. Each municipality has its own set of ordinances that set out the range of punishment for a particular offense.

Scott Simpson has represented clients that have been charged with murder, stealing, drug possession (possession of a controlled substance), drug manufacturing (manufacturing of a controlled substance), assault, driving while intoxicated (DWI) and a number of other criminal charges. Scott understands that a criminal conviction can cost you your freedom, cause you to lose your job, prevent you from obtaining a job and have other devastating effects. Contact Scott Simpson to set up an appointment.; (636) 947-7412